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We've teamed up with Century Optics to recreate a LIMITED run of 300 25th anniversary MK1's. After the Uproar from our skateboarding community upon the announcement of retiring the MK1 for good we knew there was something we has to do! Special thanks to Happy-medium for the petition that really got the wheels turning on this passion project. Thank you to the other team, David, Century optics, and everyone involved that made this absurd dream a reality! With that said I hope everyone enjoys this monumental release! Happy filming!


Now featuring the brand new Deathlens FS V1 Fisheye. The V1 comes in 3 different sizes: 72mm, 58mm, and 52mm. Pick one up from our home page shop now!

Consider this quick test footage put together as a demo for our new V1 lens.

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